How can you move all your contacts from an iPhone to an Android phone?

If you're switching from an iPhone to an Android phone, you'll want to ensure that all of your contacts are saved properly and that you can access them easily on your new smartphone. There are three main ways to get your contacts onto your new device: Google's Contacts sync service, Apple's iCloud, or manually exporting all of your contacts. If you use the iPhone's Calendar app, all of your events will be synced with Google Calendar (if you use iCloud, they will be synced with iCloud Calendar). This means that when you open up your old iPhone in a few weeks and log into iCloud, all of your calendar events will be there waiting for you. You can then sync these events over to your Android device. For email addresses, contact information, and other data not organized as calendar entries, it's easy to export everything out of iPhoto or Address Book directly into a VCF file—a format that almost every other program supports.

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